Improving Your Signwork

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Improving Your Signwork

One day when I was manning the front counter, a customer mentioned something that I had never noticed before. "Your store is pretty hard to see from the freeway." she said. I didn't know what to make of it, so I decided to do a little research myself. I got in my car after work that day, and tried to drive to my store like a new customer would. I realized that our outdoor sign work was really difficult to see, and even harder to read. I decided to make a few changes, and I believe it saved my business. This blog is all about how your sign could affect your company.

Effective Advertising For Your New Landscaping Business

If you are starting a landscaping business, advertise the services that you provide with the following tips. Once people learn about your new business and how it can benefit them, they may decide to hire you to keep their property cared for throughout the year. 


Rent a billboard that is in a high traffic area. Choose a catchy slogan and a description of each of your areas of expertise to add to the advertisement that will be displayed. A business that specializes in advertising can assist with setting up a unique and brightly-colored advertisement. Create a list to add to the advertisement that includes some basic prices for standard jobs, such as cutting grass, trimming trees, or raking leaves so that interested individuals will have an idea of how much they will be required to spend if they decide to hire you. 

If you don't have a lot of money to invest, rent the billboard for a short amount of time (from an outlet such as billboards by Creative Signworks Inc) before deciding to make a longer commitment. If you are able to gain a decent amount of new clients, extend your rental agreement so that your advertisement is displayed for a longer length of time.   


Have the same advertisement that is displayed on a billboard printed out on standard pieces of paper. Place the flyers on the windshields of vehicles whenever you are visit parking lots. Check with your local newspaper to find out if you can have your flyers added to each copy so that people will see one whenever they go to read the daily news in the area.

Purchase a listing of potential customers from a company that sells mailing lists. Mail out flyers to people who live nearby. Some companies that sell mailing lists can be hired to mail the flyers out for your for a flat fee, saving you a considerable amount of time.

Vinyl Decals

Purchase vinyl decals that spell out the name of your business and a brief description of some of the services that you offer. Make sure that your contact information is clearly listed so that anyone who sees your vehicle can jot down your number and call you when they need services performed.

Vinyl lettering will adhere to the sides of a vehicle that is clean and dry. The lettering is temporary and will not leave permanent marks on your vehicle. If you hire helpers down the road, purchase additional lettering so that they can advertise your business when they are driving around.

All of these steps will help make people in your community aware of the services that you offer. As long as you satisfy each person who hires you and strive to do the best that you can, your business will remain successful and many people may decide to continue to use you for all of their landscaping needs.