Improving Your Signwork

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Improving Your Signwork

One day when I was manning the front counter, a customer mentioned something that I had never noticed before. "Your store is pretty hard to see from the freeway." she said. I didn't know what to make of it, so I decided to do a little research myself. I got in my car after work that day, and tried to drive to my store like a new customer would. I realized that our outdoor sign work was really difficult to see, and even harder to read. I decided to make a few changes, and I believe it saved my business. This blog is all about how your sign could affect your company.

Design, Legibility, And Placement For Window Graphics

There are many cool ways to get an idea across to someone else, but they don't all work as planned. Many amateurs who make flyers and signs will pack their signs with information that can't be read unless people care enough to stop.  Spoiler alert, they don't. To get you information into the minds of passersby simply with a glance, here are a few pitfalls to avoid and design pointers for window signs and other advertisements. Read More